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ABC Express Ordering

ABC Photosigns Express Ordering Portal is the perfect solution for busy businesses who need to order ABC Photosigns products quickly and easily. Our web portal allows clients to submit orders for all ABC products in a few simple steps. All you need to do is upload your photos and text into the templates, choose the product and quantity, and place your order. Our Express Ordering Portal makes it easy to get your ABC product orders taken care of fast, so you can keep your business running smoothly.

We Take care of the rest.

If you are an existing ABC Client - You already have an ABC Express Ordering login. 


This Is a short introduction on the ABC Express Ordering system. This system composes a UI which is web based. Clients use their own templates to create and order their bespoke products such as signs and marketing material. They can be tailored as a package or individual items. Board management is part of this system. This is directly connected to our front office database and all details are live and available 24/7. The status of any order is shown in this system.



​Our number one Goal is to get your products delivered to you as fast as possible



The ABC Express ordering system seamlessly connects directly  to our front office database, streamlining the process. Ordering is a breeze - once you place an order, it is promptly transmitted to our printers. To set up this system, we kindly request any templates you may have. Personalised details can then be modified by users, resulting in a customised sign and flyers for your listing. The proof can be easily shared via email or printed for approval. Rest assured, our dedicated servers diligently manage this system, ensuring 24/7 uptime monitoring. We currently have two separate servers that can be modified when needed. Our ABC Australia team currently is using 6 separate servers exclusively for Express ordering.



Once the sign is printed our installers use an ABC APP on their mobile phones to photograph the install and that photo is sent to whoever approved the job. This install photo can also be viewed on the Express Ordering Portal.




Template Creation

This is the biggest factor before using the Express Ordering Website. Once you decide which products are required our designers will create bespoke templates for each office. The time frame depends on the number of templates required but typically they can be loaded to your site within a week. We currently have four full time staff creating templates.


ABC Photosigns does not charge for template creation.

We create one template for each product which is modified when placing the order by asking questions such as how many photos, how many agents, do you want a QR code etc. Once these options are selected the template is ready for specific data. 

Should you wish to modify your templates simply let us know either via the Express Orders Portal or email.


ABC Photosigns does not charge for template modifications.


Ordering and Board Management

From a UX perspective This can be a little daunting at first but once you have completed a few orders it becomes simple. 

  1. Login to your Express Ordering Web Portal

  2. Enter the property address that you wish to order products for

  3. Select the products you wish to order

  4. Enter any photos and sale details etc

  5. Approve the proof

We take care of it from here. Because you have approved the order it is sent directly to print. The process now depends on what was ordered. If it is a sign to be installed it is sent to your regional manager to lay up and install. Depending on the location, the turnaround is usually 24 hours. It pays to check with your regional manager with rural instals which may be longer. If you also ordered marketing materials they will be couriered to your office (or an alternative address if needed). Our cutoff time for printing is 1400. Anything ordered after this time will be dispatched the following day.

Board management is done here directly as well - any signs that need removing are entered via this portal. 


Drivers APP

Our professional installers use an ABC designed Drivers APP which records when the sign was installed and emails a copy of any installation photos to the person who approved the proof of the sign. You will know exactly when your sign has been installed.


This can also be viewed on your Express Ordering Portal along with the actual artwork. The portal displays in real time every stage of your order from design to print to install then removal.

User Guide

Our user guide is available on the login page of our Express Ordering Portal here:


This explains all aspects of using our Express Ordering Portal


You control your brand. 

Time sensitive - Orders are created and sent directly to print. 

The status of your order is live.

Every aspect of this system is designed and controlled by ABC Photosigns. Nothing is outsourced.


Future Features

We are currently in talks with CRM providers in order to gain API access to listing data. This feature will populate any photos and data from your CRM to ABC Express Ordering System. Talk to your CRM provider and let them know you wish to give API Aggregator access to your data.

Once we get the API token we will take it from there.

Existing VaultRE Clients simply need to select "Allow Third Party Access" for ABC Photosigns NZ.

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